1. What is the neck finish on the container?
The neck finish on the bottle will correspond to the closure size required.

2. What product is being put in the container?

3. What color do you want the closure to be?
You can have it match the bottle, the label, or just plain black or white.

4. What type of liner, if any, is needed inthe closure?
There are many lining materials to choose from. More common ones are foam, pulp, heat induction, or a combination.

5. What quantity do you need?
Colors and special linerscan increase the minimum quantity to purchase.

6. What is the fill temperature of the product?
Hotfill products may require special liners.

7. Is it a sloppy fill or a clean fill?
This helps determine the lining material needed.

If a heat induction liner is needed, you will need answers to the following:

8. What resin is the container made of?
Heat induction lining materials are matched to the type of container to which they are being sealed.

9. What are the removal requirements of the liner?
Clean Peel,Easy Entry, Tamper Evident, Pull-Tab.

10. Does the product require a back-up liner?
This liner will stay in the closure when the container is opened.