How It All Began:  A Story of a Basement

reliable-caps-old-image-1.pngIn 1966, Ralph Laible formed Reliable Products in the basement of his Omaha, Nebraska, home. In the beginning, Reliable Products was primarily a tool & die shop (an injection mold maker) with some injection molding. One of the original slogans of the company was “Reliable people make Reliable Products.”

Fun fact: one of the earliest injection molded parts they made were feather duster handles!

Ralph Laible articulated foundational principles of the organization in one of the earliest documents of the company: “Coupled with strict regulationsreliable-caps-old-image-3.png for quality and fair pricing policies, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance at Reliable Products...We project continued growth through these basic principles and will continually strive to serve satisfied customers.”  

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The Present:  World-Class Manufacturer with a Family Feel 


Reliable Caps, LLC, now resides in a 93,000 square foot facility on 10 acres in Olathe, Kansas. We are a premier injection molder of high-quality plastic threaded closures fulfilling hundreds of orders each month. We work with a wide variety of industries, and our plastic caps can be used with an array of products--from food, spice, and condiment markets, to personal care products, to chemical and agricultural industries.

We are now an international company: we ship our products worldwide and can mold/line around a million closures a day. In addition, we can produce caps to match just about any color specification with low minimums. We can satisfy whatever cap and liner needs you have. 

reliable-caps-old-image-2.pngAs our founder did so many decades ago, we still pride ourselves on serving our customers: we can modify our existing molds or work with mold builders to create custom closures designed specifically to fit your requirements. We are a nimble company and can handle your needs quickly: if the product is in stock (and we stock tens of millions of lined caps!), we can likely ship your order the same day. Yet we are also big enough to handle all of your specialized orders.

Reliable Caps has grown a lot throughout the decades, but we are still a family-based company, and we still care deeply about the local, national, and international communities we serve. Our primary goal has remained consistent: to meet and service the needs of our customers, whether it is a bulk order or a single case of lined plastic closures. With Reliable Caps, you’ll get the exact cap you need--when you need it.

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