In order for Reliable Caps to deliver the right closure solution, we need to know your specific packaging needs and bottling processes. Here are the 10 questions we’ll ask to determine the cap and lining for your project.  


1. What is the neck finish of the bottle?

Closure and bottle neck finishes are generally standardized. A bottle and its corresponding cap must have matching finishes.

2. What product is being put in the container?

This will help us determine the best lining material. 

3. What color do you want the closure to be?

We typically stock white and black closures. We could mold your closures with colorant already in stock or have a custom color match made.

4. What type of liner, if any, is needed in the closure?

There are many lining materials to choose from. The most common are foam, pulp, heat induction or a combination.

5. How many do you need?

Depending on which closure/liner you choose and the desired quantity, we may have the caps you need in stock and ready to ship. The larger the order, the lower the price.  

6. Is a "hot fill" filling process used?

Certain liners work better than others in "hot fill" packaging processes. Hot fill uses heat to sterilize the product during the filling process.

7. Can the landing area of the bottle be kept completely clean during the filling process?

For certain lining materials, the landing area must be kept completely clean in order to ensure a proper seal.


8. What material is the container made of? 

Heat induction lining materials are matched to the specific container type.

9. What is the desired opening experience: "clean peel" or "tamper evident"?  

Tamper evident liners provide more security, but it can be difficult for consumers to completely remove the liner from a package. Clean peel liners are easier to remove.  

10. Is a reseal required after the product's initial opening?  

When a reseal is required, you will need a two-piece lining solution.


Contact us to learn more about these questions, and find out how we can partner with you to find the right closure for your project.