Making sure you have just the right color for your closure is critically important for many of our customers. We have three ways that we color-match our plastic closures. 


Color Matching Process for Plastic Closures

1) Pick an in-house color

Reliable Caps has many pre-matched colors to pick from in-house. Contact our customer service department, and we will send you color chips we have previously matched. Let us know which color you like best, and we will review our color matching history. Whether you’re needing a vibrant red or a subtle beige, we have an option for you.


2) Use a PMS Code

If you have a specific color in mind, send us the Pantone Matching System (PMS) number. We use PMS colors marked with a C, meaning they are printed on coated paper. The coated color has a glossy finish and resembles what the caps will look like much more accurately than the uncoated, U, color. After we receive the PMS number, our colorant vendors do some matching magic and provide us with color chips within a few short weeks.  


3) Match Another Product

Wanting to have your cap be an exact match to a label or brand color? No problem! Send us the item you want your cap to match, and we will send it to our color house. You will receive a color chip for approval and then we move forward with ordering the colorant  for your caps. This color-matching process takes about a week longer than using a PMS code. 

For more information on our color matching process or to get a color match for your closure contact us.