Looking for a versatile packaging solution that combines style and convenience? Meet the 20-410, our newest product offering.

What are the features of the 20-410?

The 20-410 closure is a high-quality plastic closure with a modified buttress thread profile. Its fine ribbing provides a secure grip, and its continuous thread design ensures a tight seal, preserving product freshness and integrity. The 20-410 also features a matte top finish, making it a practical and aesthetically pleasing option for a wide range of packaging brand applications.

What is the 20-410 made of?

The stock resin is polypropylene homopolymer, which complies with FDA regulations for food contact. This resin helps chemical resistance and adds strength for preventing stress cracking.

What is the 20-410 used for?

The 20-410 closure has gained popularity especially in the food, beauty, personal care, pharmaceutical, household cleaning, and automotive industries. It is well-suited for condiments, dressings, gourmet products, skincare items, and more. No matter what industry it’s used in, the 20-410 guarantees a secure seal, an elegant appearance, and a dependable packaging option for your products.

Can the 20-410 be customized?


In addition to its functional design, Reliable Caps offers the 20-410 closure with a variety of lining material combinations to further ensure product integrity. Additionally, customers have the option to customize colors to elevate their brand image and the aesthetic appeal of their closure.

Ready to learn more?

Visit our product page for more information on the 20-410 closure. Or, contact our expert team for questions about lining materials, custom colors, bulk orders, and more!