Agricultural chemicals caps, also called Ag-chem caps or Agro-chem caps, are a specific type of plastic closure designed for fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other agricultural products that could harm people or the environment if improperly stored or sealed. Reliable Caps offers several different agricultural chemical caps that are high quality and durable.

Agricultural Chemical Caps FAQs

  • Why are agricultural chemical caps important?

    • Chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides can be very harsh and aggressive, so it’s important that they be properly sealed when transported or stored. An agricultural chemical cap should be tough and durable, and when combined with a heat induction seal, should prevent spillage even when the jug is jostled or overturned.

  • What’s different about Reliable Caps agricultural chemicals caps?

    • Our caps are thicker than most others in the industry, meaning they’ll last longer and can handle higher pressure without cracking. Additionally, our COPOLY caps are great for UN/DOT drop-testing and resilient to extreme temperatures, which ensures container integrity throughout the transportation process.

  • What are agricultural chemicals caps made of?

    • Most of our agricultural chemicals caps are made with a homopolymer polypropylene or copolymer resin, which ensures the cap is resilient over months or even years of use and reduces or eliminates chemical leaching when combined with a heat induction seal.

  • What is the thread profile of agricultural chemicals caps?

    • Our agricultural chemicals caps feature a modified buttress thread profile, with sharp threads that torque strongly onto the bottle to provide a better and more consistent seal.

Types of Reliable Caps Agricultural Chemicals Caps

We offer several different models of agricultural chemicals caps, including:


Why Reliable Caps?

The team at Reliable Caps is a little different than many other closure suppliers. We are a family-owned Midwest company with deep agricultural experience–for over 55 years, we have provided premium injection-molded closures and agricultural chemicals caps and are big enough to handle your truckload orders. But we’ve never sacrificed our commitment to unparalleled customer service, meaning we’ll work with you one-on-one to ensure we deliver your perfect closure solution. When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person, and our entire team gives our all to every order, every time–regardless of size. We care just as deeply about single case orders, and offer closures in custom colors with low minimums.

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