At Reliable Caps, we’re always ready to deliver our customers the exact solutions they need, exactly when they need it. To ensure production flexibility and short lead times, we’ve optimized our inventory in a few key ways:

#1. We maintain a diverse supply of closures in stock

  • We stock over 50 million caps ready for next-day shipping.
  • Our inventory includes lined and unlined continuous thread with fine ribbed sides, spice caps, and sport bottle caps.
  • A majority of our products are in-stock in black or white.

#2: We keep a healthy supply of raw materials and lining materials

  • We stock a wide variety of colorants.
  • We can provide color chip samples upon request.
  • We keep several lining materials on hand, including PE Foam, Pressure Seal, Foil Seal, Lift-N-Peel, and more.

#3: Customers can also select from special items

  • We maintain an overstock of items from special runs and orders.
  • These items are not guaranteed to be regularly or consistently in stock.
  • Our bi-weekly inventory newsletter includes a list of special items we currently have in stock.

We stock over 50 million closures in order to service our clients in ways that other cap manufactures can’t. Our stock level allows us to provide a turn-around time that is unmatched in the industry.

Contact us to learn more about our stocking program and how we can support your closure needs regardless of how big or small.

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