Spice caps are a type of plastic closure catered to the food industry. When it comes to spices, herbs, and seasoning products, consumers need an optimized solution that meets branding, appearance, and dependability requirements. Reliable Caps offers several different spice cap and sifter fitment options specifically designed for dispensing the right amount of product without spillage and ensuring long-term product freshness.

Spice Cap FAQs

  • Why are spice caps important?

    • A well-fitting, optimally-designed spice cap preserves product freshness and gives packaging an elegant and premium aesthetic. 

  • What are sifter fitments?

    • Sifter fitments are companion attachments for spice bottles and jars. Reliable Caps sifter fitments are thin plastic sheets with holes that allow spices to be released by shaking the container. They are designed to fit in tandem with our spice caps to create an effective dispensing system. Consumers value sifter fitments that allow them to dispense exactly the amount of product they need, without making a mess or spilling their spice when the bottle is shaken or overturned.

  • What are spice caps made of?

    • Our spice caps are made of homopolymer polypropylene, a strong and rigid material that retains durability and resiliency for months or even years of use.

  • What is the thread profile of spice caps?

    • Our spice caps feature a standard thread profile, which both makes them compatible with glass, PET and HDPE bottles and better preserves product freshness.

  • Are the fitments attached to the spice caps?

    • Our sifter fitments are sold separately but are designed to work in conjunction with our spice caps. The fitment snaps onto the exterior of the bottleneck, and is then covered by the spice cap.

Types of Reliable Caps Spice Caps and Fitments

We offer six different models of spice caps, including:

We also offer six sifter fitments:

Why Reliable Caps?

The team at Reliable Caps is a little different than many other closure suppliers. We are a family-owned Midwest company with deep experience–for over 55 years, we have provided premium injection-molded closures and spice caps and are big enough to handle your truckload orders. But we’ve never sacrificed our commitment to unparalleled customer service, meaning we’ll work with you one-on-one to ensure we deliver your perfect closure solution. When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person, and our entire team gives our all to every order, every time–regardless of size. We care just as deeply about single case orders, and offer closures in custom colors with low minimums.

Want to learn more?

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