How We Make Your Shipments Run Smoothly 

Shipping Flexibility

Clear Communication

Express Shipping Options

Choose between a number of shipping methods, including pickup, UPS/FedEx, or our vetted carrier partners. 


We’ll incorporate shipping setup into our estimated lead time and relay all essential shipping information as soon as possible.


If delivery time is urgent, we’ll ship your order through FedEx Standard Overnight, UPS Next Day Air, LTL Express, or LTL Guarantee.



How Customers Can Help To Get Their Shipments Sooner

Packages sitting on our dock waiting for shipping information is the single biggest cause of shipping delays. If the lead time for a product is two weeks and it sits on the dock for a week due to lack of shipping information, the lead-time for the product just increased by 50%

There are several things customers can do to get their packages sooner:

  • Use our vetted carrier partners - We have negotiated great rates with our carriers and they are picking up at our warehouses daily.
  • Get us the shipping instructions before the product is ready to ship - If we have the shipping information when the product is ready to ship, we can minimize delays. We need the following information regarding how to set up the order for shipping and delivery:
    • Consignee information (where’s it being delivered to)
    • Preferred shipping method (Parcel, LTL, Spot Volume, FTL)
    • Permission to setup up shipment on behalf of customer (PPD)
    • Info for the appropriate logistical/ shipping coordinator contact (Will Advise)
      • May include preferred carrier or 3PL/Broker representative
      • Will need Responsible Billing Party information if 3rd party

Please contact us for more information.