Choosing Recycled Resin to Reduce Your Company’s Carbon Footprint


What is Post-Consumer Resin?

Post-Consumer Resin (PCR) is plastic that has been recycled, ground up, washed, and repelletized. Manufacturers can mix PCR with virgin resin, or use it alone, to produce new plastic goods. Using PCR promotes sustainability since fewer fossil fuels are needed to turn PCR into a newly recycled product and less product ends up in the landfill. 


When to use PCR

Use When…

Avoid When…

  • Your company/client is committed to using fewer fossil fuels and promoting sustainability
  • You are choosing a colored cap (black is best, but most colors other than white will do)
  • Your closure could be made from Polypropylene 
  • Your closure is not being used for a food or beverage
  • Co-poly is your resin of choice
  • You are packaging a food or beverage (most polypropylene PCR is not FDA approved for food contact)
  • Your closures need to be perfectly uniformed in color (Since PCR is made from a variety of recycled plastics, its base color tends to vary between lots) 



If you are curious about implementing PCR into your closures, contact Reliable Caps Customer Service Department at (800) 356-8483. We will help you determine what percentage of PCR is right for your specific closure.