89-400 Plastic Closure

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SKU: RC-8900001000
case size: 23.50 W × 10.25 H × 15.75 L
Thread Profile Type: General Purpose or "L" Style
Liner Retention: Friction Fit
Material: Polypropylene Homopolymer (PP)
Finish: Ribbed Sides, Matte Top
Case Count: 350
$52.78 per case
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The 89-400 plastic cap is a large standard weight closure that can be used with a wide array of products across a variety of industries, including:

  • Agricultural

  • Automotive

  • Powdered drinks

  • Dressings & sauces

  • Food

  • Household chemicals

  • Industrial products and chemicals

  • Nutraceutical Products

  • Personal care & cosmetics


The 89-400 weighs 20.27 grams and features a fine ribbed skirt, a stipple (matte) top, and a strip mold ‘push-off’ design with 5 threads per inch. The stock resin is homopolymer polypropylene, which complies with FDA regulations for food contact.

Reliable Caps stocks the 89-400 in white, but will work with selected suppliers to provide color matches for your specific needs. We can also provide a variety of liner materials for your closure, including popular options such as Polyethylene Foam and Heat-Induction Foil Seals.The ‘push-off’ design allows the 89-400s to be lined using a friction fit method and does not require a hot melt adhesive, although one may be applied based on your specifications.

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